7 Must-See Attractions In Vancouver

Are you a local resident or a tourist in Vancouver? Whether you’re there for pleasure or business, there are a few things to do that can keep you occupied. Here are some of the top things to do in Vancouver if you ever find yourself there.

1. Visit Stanley Park

If you’re alone or with family in the city, you should visit Stanley Park. It’s one of the most popular urban parks with a lot of things for you to do. You can explore the rainforest and enjoy the scenic views of the sky, water and mountains. With thousands of trails, local wildlife, sandy beaches and various landmarks, this is the place to make great memories whenever you’re in the city.

2. Visit The VanDusen Botanical Garden

Found in the heart of the city, the botanical garden covers at least 55 acres and contains thousands of plant species and numerous plant varieties from all over the globe. Whether you’re taking photographs with the local wildlife, going through the hedge maze or enjoying the local restaurants, it’s a magical place to mark your experience in the city.

3. Marvel At The Olympic Cauldron

Located in the Convention Centre, the Olympic Cauldron contains are leftovers of the Olympic and Paralympic games from 2010. The torches are no longer lit but for special occasions but you can marvel at the magnificent structure whenever you’re in the city. While in Vancouver, take photos with your friends, family or alone to remind yourself of the great worldwide celebrated Olympic games of 2010.

4. Revel At The Beauty Of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church

It is one of the historic and dignified architectural sights that you must visit whenever you’re in the city. It is an iconic religious landmark and sanctuary that’s often celebrated by the local tourism industry. You can revel and get inspiration from the angel sculptures, the stained and etched glass windows, the Cassavant Organ and much more of the timeless beauty the church represents.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Visit one of the largest and most beautiful aquariums in the city and marvel at the beauty of the ocean. Here, you can admire various marine life species such as otters, sharks and dolphins. There are also numerous exciting shows to enjoy and it’s the perfect place to bring your kids whenever you’re in the city. Sure they would love to see a few dolphins among other aquatic animals.

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Try out this amazing attraction, especially if you’re not afraid of heights or are trying to conquer your fear. You can cross the swaying bridge for a distance of 450 feet over the Capilano River and canyon. It’s something astoundingly beautiful that will reinforce your amazing experience of the city.

7. FlyOver Canada

It is a must-see attraction that gives you a chance to view the city as part of a flight simulation. Riddled with the latest technology, you can create an amazing flying experience with the natural elements such as the wind, mist and scents, giving you a simulated view of the city and the whole of Canada.