Travel Tips during Troubling Times

Official “shut down” orders have impacted the travel industry like never before. College students who would have enjoyed “Spring Break” sat home with their parents. Business travelers resorted to online Zoom meetings, conferences and countless emails. Vacation travelers found themselves watching videos from the comfort of their phones, rather than exploring exotic locations in person.

However now that lock-down status has been lifted in a number of cities and countries, travel restrictions are being eased up as well. Travelers are being given greater leeway when it comes to airline travel, be it for a quick domestic getaway or extended tour. All it takes is a healthy dose of planning before you leave and during your trip to get back into the groove.

Make reservations and plan ahead

With a limited number of flights leaving everyday, it is imperative that you have your reservations made well in advance of your intended travel date. If you were given vouchers for future airline tickets or hotel stays, make sure these credits will be redeemed towards your trip. If you use a voucher to pay for all or a portion of your bill, request a receipt emailed to you at the time of purchase.

Whenever possible, choose to fly during times of the day when travel is light. This may mean traveling first thing in the morning or later on a “red eye” flight. Your goal should be to navigate the airport when it is not overly crowded and security resources are not overwhelmed. While there will still be queues before boarding, shorter lines help to reduce travel anxiety.

Pack carefully and take all necessary precautions

Your carry-on and checked luggage must be packed with the utmost of caution. In addition to wearing a face mask at the airport, you’d be wise to take along several masks or scarves for the trip. This is in addition to a supply of antiseptic gel or spray in three ounce containers. A package of moist wipes is also helpful to disinfect surfaces like seat trays and arm rests.

Your official identification (passport, driver’s license) should be placed where you can locate them quickly. A print-out of your travel itinerary should be kept in your personal possession at all times. This includes your airline, rental car and hotel reservations. Should your phone be lost or stolen, you’ll have a hard copy of all your digital data.


It is still possible to be fashionable

Despite requirements to remain masked in public places, you’ll still want to look your best. This means packing clothing and fashion accessories you wish to wear while traveling. To keep your accessories safe, it works best to place them in a jewelry travel case. Here your necklaces, rings, earrings and other items will remain in one place.

As with all precious possessions, have jewelry appraised and insure when appropriate. It’s a good idea to take photos of your items for future reference. Store these photos where you can retrieve them online or on the Cloud. This is also advantageous when keeping precious items in your home.

Taking along more than one jewelry travel case is preferable while traveling as it gives you multiple storage options. Place any gold, silver or “real” jewelry pieces in your case for safekeeping. You might store them in a room safe (if your room has one) or inquire about safe deposit options available for guests. When traveling with a special or deeply sentimental piece of jewelry, contact your hotel in advance to ascertain what security measures they are currently offering guests.

Take care and remember to enjoy yourself

Travel during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will be entirely different from any travel you’ve experienced in the past. To meet the increasing demand airports, airlines, rental car companies and hotels are rapidly revamping their hygienic codes. Employees are being trained in new procedures for everything from customer service to serving guests food and making up guest rooms.

As with all new experiences, understanding and patience is the name of the game. At times the lines and new regulations may seem daunting. However with a renewed determination to see the world and a sense of humor, everything can be possible once again.